Peneraju Profesional Capital Market Services Representative’s Licence (CMSRL) in Corporate Finance and Investment Advice (CCOFIA) Programme

The CCOFIA programme is one of Yayasan Peneraju’s initiative under the Peneraju Profesional thrust. It aims to establish a pool of qualified Bumiputera talents who are capable of discharging their functions and responsibilities effectively as CMSRL holders in the area of Corporate Finance (CF) and/or Investment Advice (IA).

Throughout the programme, the participants will undergo comprehensive training programme in order to become a licensed representative in CF or IA. No fee will be imposed on participating organisations or its nominated participant(s).

Programme Objectives:
  1. To develop a pool of new Corporate Finance Executives and Research Analysts to meet industry demands
  2. To develop licensed Bumiputera professionals in Corporate Finance and/or Investment Advice
  3. To increase the number of high-income Bumiputera talents in the capital market industry, which is parallel to Malaysia’s aspirations of becoming a high-income nation by year 2020.

Programme Structure

CCOFIA programme is open to Bumiputera aged between 21 to 40 years old who are currently working with a CMSL company and undertaking CF or IA regulated activities. Yayasan Peneraju will be working hand in hand with its programme partner, SIDC in further developing and implementing the programme. Throughout the programme, participants will undergo the following phases:

a) Selection and Assessment Centre
b) Career Advancement Programme (CAP)
c) SC Licensing Examinations (Modules 12 and 19)
d) Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programmes
e) Performance Coaching

Application Requirements:
  1. Bumiputera
  2. Aged between 21-40 years old
  3. Possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Economics/Banking or related disciplines
  4. Currently working with a Capital Market Services  Licence(CMSL) company and undertaking CF or IA regulated activities
  5. Fit and Proper as specified under section 65(1) of the Capital Markets & Services Act 2007 (CMSA)

Programme Benefits:
  1. A comprehensive CAP, customised according to participants’ learning  needs to prepare participants for the SC Licensing Examinations
  2. Learning materials will be provided
  3. SC Licensing Examinations for Modules 12 and 19 (maximum 3 attempts)
  4. Performance coaching by identified coaches
  5. Two (2) full-day CPE programmes (20 CPE points) to provide participants with up-to-date technical knowledge, skills and ethical standards

Application closing date is on 12 May 2017. Interested applicants are advised to read the FAQs first before applying for this programme.

Please send all inquiries regarding CCOFIA programme to or alternatively contact 03-6204 8239 (Secretariat Helpline)